Author Topic: Not able to change sbsrender input images  (Read 541 times)


I have just made a graph using Substance Designer to use it in a batch. The input texture is identified by "texture".
The following command is used to render the texture:
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sbsrender render --inputs inputdir/base.sbsar --set-entry texture@/home/user/my/Texture.pngWhile there is no error when starting this command, the result is unexcepected: it uses the texture file inside the sbs graph, not the one specified with --set-entry.

I there something wrong in how I use sbsrender ?


I tried to reproduce the issue and could not get it to happen.
Regardless of if I connect an image or not to the input image in designer it renders out a black image with a warning coming out of sbsrender.

My speculation is that the image you use is imported as a bitmap rather than an input image and then you can't set it from the command line. If that is not the case, can you provide the sbs file causing the issue?