Author Topic: Shape Splatter node causing issues in Unreal Engine  (Read 835 times)

I created a material using Substance Designer Summer 2018 and imported it to use in Unreal 4.19 and 4.20. Upon applying it to an object, these red and black bands appear relative to how far away the texture is from the viewport.

After breaking down the substance graph and making new projects in both unreal and substance designer, I narrowed it down to the Shape Splatter node causing these bands

I am using GPU engine in the substance plugin for Unreal, so i'm not sure where else to go

Does anyone have any idea how to fix/get around this issue?

I'm getting the same issue. I tried CPU engine as well, no change. I think it might be an issue with the base color texture, I tried replacing it with something else and the issue went away, and my base texture thumbnails are all black even though when I open them I can see the correct colors. No idea how to fix it though.