Author Topic: How EXIF metadata are managed ?  (Read 1100 times)


EXIF data can be very useful, e.g., the image resolution, but they are most likely to change when performing operations on images. For example resizing change the image resolution while cropping does not.

I was wondering if/how the EXIF data are managed in Substance Designer ?

Thank you


Unfortunately we don't handle EXIF in Substance Designer as we only transfer images from one node to another.
Depending on the kind of manipulation you want to do, you can imagine to get them before processing images and then reinject the EXIF data in images (= outputs) generated from SD.
By getting some parameters values (for example the crop size) you can imagine to transpose it in the new EXIF.

Feel free to let us know (I'm also in contact with Maxime, he sent me an email/the forum thread link) if you have more details/a usecase example.

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