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OK over the past week or so I have been working on a projecto to model and texture a FV106 APC.  Modelled in Maya, UV'd and brought into SP

The hudge issue i am having at the moment is that SP just goes not responding at any point in time and i have to kill the process and i loose everything i have done.

Saving the file each time isnt an option to be honest at its 10GB in size

I have 2 examples of this mornings work and problems

Example 1:

Loaded the SP project into SP.
Project Configuration and updated the model, yep all good there, noticed something wrong with a part I had adjusted the UVs on so I CTRL + Alt on the part which jumps to the Texture set, pan round a bit then I get the spinning wheel and thats it - i have to kill the damn application again.

Example 2:

Opened a fresh save with the model already updated and saved to the 10GB File

Had too much dirt on parts of the model, selected the Layer mask and proceeded to remove some of the dirt, 5 mins in spinning wheel and not responding had to kill the application AGAIN and lost all my work,

this is getting beyond a joke

What can be done with this?

My system i would say is prety top notch,

Custom built W10 Pro 64Bit, Intel Core i7 7700k, Asus ROG Maximus Code Motherboard, Samsung 1TB NVme M.2 Drive, Gigabyte AORUS Extreme 1080TI, 40" Iiyama Display. Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

I need some support please

Many thanks

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how come your file is 10 gig?

edit: seems like this issue is under investigation:,23883.0/topicseen.html
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Same issue for me. Huge file size, 2.5GB, for no reason (just one 350KB FBX loaded and one bake done, no layer, nothing else). It crashed twice. And the second I couldn't reopen the file and lost the few paint strokes I did. Frustrated I went on polypainting the high poly instead of painting the baked lowpoly  >:(

Hey there, for your stability issues @hansolo can you try downgrading your GPU drivers ?
More details over here :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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The PERHAPS fix, which is to say Painter seemed to work better but only for a while....

1. Uninstall Painter
2. Remove registry entries (Press the Windows key and type regedit then enter) for Allegorithmic and make sure the Painter folder is deleted out of your Program Files folder.
3. Run CCleaner's Registry Scan and delete ONLY anything that shows up for Allegorithmic
4. Update your video drivers (this seemed to be the big one for me as 1-3 above only seemed to make Painter run a little better but still have issues, but this seemed to really make Painter act better.

Make sure to reboot after all this. Only then should you reinstall Painter, and then reboot again after the install before USING Painter.  If your experience is the same as mine, you'll get maybe a couple hours of good performance before Painter goes right back to being unresponsive.  Best of luck!
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