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One main issue has popped up for me.  The rules state (in bold letters) that:

All images should be provided in 4K (4096 x 4096).

Unfortunately, my computer just cannot handle a document resolution of 4K.  I am just barely able to work at the 1K size when opening my work.  Now, it does say that the document rez "can be changed later with no loss", when starting a new project.  How is this done?  (I tried looking at the Edit>Project Configuration, but that does not have an option to alter the document resolution.)  And I cannot find any way to alter the rendered size any larger than the viewport screen...

If I cannot work at a larger resolution, may I render out (in Substance Painter) at the largest available size, and resize the rendered image in Photoshop?

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can change the resolution of the textures at export time in the export dialog, that being said, if your computer cannot handle it no worries, simply add a short text file mentionning the issue with your submission.

You can change the resolution of the textures at export time in the export dialog, that being said, if your computer cannot handle it no worries, simply add a short text file mentionning the issue with your submission.

Thank you for the quick response! at what resolution have we to submit our renders?
In the rules I read that all images should be provided as squares (4k x 4k), but in the examples provided (David and Diana close-ups) and also in the contest dedicated video, render are taken with the 2:1 ratio (4k x 2k)  ???

Is anyone experiencing difficulty posting reply to thread on the contest forum?  I have not been able to post and upload images. 

I'm afraid submitting my files is simply not working; I managed to upload two renders and the Marvelous file, but the Substance file has been loading for two hours already without any success. Help??

I'll likely try to submit my files without the Substance file so that I'm not late for the deadline; I have a full workday tomorrow so will miss the deadline otherwise...

If you can't upload it, try uploading a text file with a dropbox link instead or something like that.

In the blog post under resources it says-
* 10 FREE Substance Source materials included in the “Substance x Marvelous Designer Global Contest Special Package”
but it only links to the free section of Substance Source with only a couple of those materials being fabric, is this correct?

Hi community,

I'm a bit frustrated, it's been 30 minutes, I try to submit my work for this contest, and I always get a "Site can't be reached" during the upload, I do it before midnight and I live in Montreal contrary to PST time ;)

It was a great contest and I take a lot of pleasure to do it.

Just few modification for futures rule can be cool. It could be great to get the ability to add details and retakes in a software like Zbrush (Polygon in mass friendly), cause here with a high end PC (3000$ older less one year), with 1080TI, most recent Ryzen 7 CPU, I'm not able to render as I usually did with Zbrush pipeline after Marvelous.
I needed to use Max to arrange my UVs (as allow in Q&A), cause Marvelous don't let the possibility to select on 3D geometries for UVs shell... It's really great, they add UV editor, sincerely it is a great improvement, but it's not friendly user currently contrary to other DCC like Max.
But, afterall, it was a different approach for creation, baking, UV management and render, so thanks for all of it.

Let me know, where I can upload my data, after a month of working, on job side, it should be a big frustation to can't upload my data ;)

I read for dropbox stuff, so I will edite this link after uploading it on something.

Thanks again for this contest,

HI! do you know why when I upload the spp. file the web page of the submission is reloaded and then I lose all the data?
I can upload every file a part from the spp. also if it is only 1.85 GB and it stays in the limit of 2 GB.

Thank you

Hi , my substance painter file is not uploading so what can i do.

As per my message above: If you can't upload it, try uploading a text file with a dropbox link instead.

Will the contestants know if they won or not before the August announcement date?

We may contact them beforehand if we need additional information or assets from them, but not necessarily.

Since the contest goal was to demonstrate proficiency in two software packages (Marvelous Designer & Substance).  Should the judges not be judging on the advanced utilization of those packages ?  Demonstrating advanced software knowledge ?

So for MD judges look for ....
1) use of custom stitches and borders.
2) use of buttons, glued trims.
3) different material properties.
4) integration of hard surface with soft cloth pieces.

For Substance Painter judges look for ....
1) use of complex material setup and application.
2) custom masking to apply different materials to different areas.
3) custom use of layer filters and effects.
4) custom use of grunge and dirt filters using smart masks to apply wear and tear.
5) application of smart masks like ' fabric edge wear ' , ' surface wear'.

None of those criteria were present in the judging for this contest.  Instead the top selections convey a criteria of ' simple, layers, pretty, pink, super simplistic substance painter materials, overall gives me goosebumps '.

Is this not intended to augment / promote the advanced features of your software?

Next contest I would suggest having judges that -

1) personally can demonstrate art work that shows the above criteria and skill, to guarantee they are judging with a smart criteria in mind.

2) have a criteria list in mind, as those criteria convey that an artist is spending research, time and effort on the piece.

3) judge more than on 'goosebumps and simplicity' when analyzing a piece.

The majority of pieces were simple cloth layouts, with very minimal use of Substance and it's features.  The judges may not have noticed that ?

Lastly starting your stream you showed work from MD that showed work that had the above criteria, advanced materials, complex use of the software.  Then you 'dropped' into the top 3 for the contest.  The difference between your intro images and your contest images was quite jarring.  Next time outline criteria, then have judges that can recognize that criteria.  ::)  ;D