Author Topic: anyone else sell substances?  (Read 3069 times)

I'm just looking into this

Does anyone know or happen to sell Substances?

Only seems that Allegorithmic sell them, and I was sort of hoping of people would sell their own creations.

Currently working on it :)

Me too! I want to develop some simple systems like creating decals and stuff. Soon I'll be creating a thread about it!

Dave Cardwell here. Just FYI we have setup a site to give indie developers and artist access to substances. For now we have some cool textures and low poly models. Everything rendered in engine on the check us out!

We love Substance Designer and will have a bunch of content up there. Just in process of uploading now. Sorry for the plug but I saw someone asked. Also we will have it setup so anyone can present their substances out there. We believe in curated content that is best of class so we created a more specialty purpose site for this.

FYI there are also some people selling substances on the Unity Asset Store.

Head of Product Management

I dont sell the substance, i make the maps.
I Bake the texture for the model and create the necessary maps.
Many maps for many materials.
I have just started so if you need anythink im available.
I need another six months or so to have a good library of maps for various materials. all will be Tileable.
Small monthly subsciption for many material maps.