Author Topic: Use b2m to create large surface texture  (Read 1417 times)

Hi there;
I wanted to ask you something.
I'd like to use photographies of quite small (in world measures) surface details (let's suppose it is rocky soil for example) and use B2M to create a large (again in world measures) surface texture.
In short..., I have a texture of, say a 10x10cm portion of a rocky soil, and I want to create a 100x100cm portion of the same rocky soil.
I thought I could just scale down the input texture (in the input scale parameter) but it doesn't look great at all. Would that be the correct workflow?.
Thanks in advance.

Hey, there is no magic solution for now: if you repeat a texture too much, it will be visible. Grabbing a bigger sample would help.

Since B2M can tile a texture randomly, I suppose it would be fairly easy to make the random tiled output bigger, in size, than the original. If not, it is a great idea for a feature to add to the software ;)

So, if there is no way to do it in B2M..., is there a way in designer?.

Thanks for your appreciated help :)

it can work in some cases, but it really depends of the input: do you have an example image?

Nope, but it's like I have this input:

And I want to do this output in the end (tiling the above image lots of times but each tile varying its rotations randomly):

This is just in case I want to see the road but, at some point, the road is closer to the eye, for example.

Starting from a really small sample like this, it can be tough, and I think you would have to blend with other inputs.
In SD you can try the noise ubscale.

Bit of an old post.. nevertheless....

This is the kind of program that does it.

You can supply a seed texture(s) and the program will take samples and blend them together smartly to create a larger repeatable texture.

e.g. you may have a seed texture that is 512x512, but you can generate a non-repeating 4096 texture from it.

I was wondering where the button was when I watched a B2M tutorial showing the random rotations, it's definitely worth looking at as a feature.


These are things Substance Alchemist will make easy ;)