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There's plenty of useful nodes in designer, so i thought i'd put a few together in such a way that they can be used as layer fx in painter.

first i tried a blur - and i immediately hit a problem.  i rigged up a graph which just blurred all inputs and sent them straight to outputs for DHRM, and went to see if it worked. it does, but black was creeping into the output because of course, there is no RGB data outside the opaque areas of the input image.

fortunately a quick web trawl turned up Nicolas Wirrmann's experimental dilation and diffusion graphs  ( ) , so i incorporated the dilation node, used that to pad out the rgb and performed a seperate blur on the input's alpha. now everything is awesome :)

shown below is the graph in designer, and the graph in use as a layer effect.  i added a comparison switch which reverts to a simple default blur, so you can see in the shot of designer that the black edges have been eliminated.

i also kept this dialated blur as a node for use in designer.

edit.  Latest .sbsar file at the bottom of the thread!

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lul, so with my hard disk down at the repair shop, i may as well show you what i had going on. next up was to be an outer glow layer effect and a makeittile layer effect.

these are very simple to set up, definately woulud like to see simple things like this provided as presets in a future build - im sure allegorithmic can do them more optimised than me.

Horay, rebuilt my subfx graphs, now can share.

AFF-subFX - simple graphs enabling designer node functionality as Painter layer substance fx!

AFF-subfx-Blur  - a blur incorporating dilation to preserve rgb data outside alpha
AFF-subfx-UVEdge - add a uv mask to blend an image in at seams - originally flatNormalEdgeFix
AFF-subfx-Tile - the makeItTile node routed for layer fx
AFF-subfx-Sharpen - the sharpen node routed for layer fx

.sbsar file is attatched containing all graphs.

to use in painter, file/import substance , add a layer effect to your layer, click the No Effect Selected bar and choose from the dropdown or find the effect in the library and drag it onto the same bar.

to use in designer, drag the sbsar into the explorer , then drag a graph onto your graph editor window - simply ignore the multiple routings used for Painter layer fx.

Wow  this is so cool.
So simple but o so useful. and yeah +1 on that we should have more of these nodes standaard in SD.
Yep great idea to make these small nodes, we could make a repository or some thing for these kind of files.

Anyway i will take a look at these and use them greatly 

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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New version! New Stuff!

added a quickNoiz - containing all the awesome noise generators from designer.
added 2StageBlur, for more advanced blur effects without multiple layers.
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Impressive stuff! I love how much definition you can get out of it, as well as the soft sometimes even skin-like effects.

Love it. And yes, we should definitely add more noises as presets in Substance Painter. Point taken!
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The quickNoiz doesn't appear in my materials panel when I import it so I can't seem to apply it. Any idea why?

more stuff!
now includes aff-subfx-Border - another edge effect with more comprehensive tweakability.

also new - aff-subfx-curveFromHeight. this takes the RGB input from the layer and converts it to a height map, then derives a curvature map from it - so you can have additional edging on stuff you're adding (like the borders)

new .sbsar file attatched here    vvvv

sorry to hear you were having trouble getting QuickNoiz working Niall. I boot painter, go to file/import substance, make a new fill layer, then where it says *seperate channels mode* in the attributes tab when you have the layer selected,  click there and you will get a dropdown - you can choose quickNoiz from this dropdown and it should work as advertised.
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Here's some shots of me playing around with AFFsubFX-Border on our dear friend Cymorai.
as shown in the video, this is just using his AO or curvature maps to get outlines from, and curveFromHeight plus the 2stageBlur to add edge highlights and shading. havent painted anything at all.
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Yeah that was what I was doing but for some reason it wasn't appearing in the drop down for the project I had loaded. New version works fine though, cheers. Great work!

Hey, could you also upload the sbs file for the border effect? I wanted to build a similar effect, and wanted to see how you did yours.

Hello, these effects are looking great. however I can't get them to work. I watched the videos and noticed that I have additional parameter in my effects palette called pixelsize, which value I cannot change. Maybe its due to update version of painter.

hi - i didnt keep pace with the changes allegorithmic have made during their development and i need to fix a few things before theyll work again, sorry! i'll do this in the next few days.

pixelsize is a default thing in designer graphs - its for altering the RATIO of the image, so that nodes will behave properly without stretching if you have a non-square texture like 1024x512
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