Author Topic: Can you switch a steam license to a stadalone license?  (Read 2215 times)

I was wondering if there was a way to switch from a steam license into a standalone package? just really tired of logging into steam just to use it.


- Garrett


Yes, you can do this from your Allegorithmic account, by clicking on the Steam button and following the steps.

Head of Product Management

Hello, sorry i comment here to avoid too much similar posts, i bought the Substance Painter in steam already for personal use, are the steam license is working forever or need to upgrade after 1 year? and when i synch to alleghoritmic account, can i still use the steam license after one year? or ends same as the standalone license? thank you

You can use both licenses forever, but you will stop getting updates after a year unless you renew your maintenance/upgrade.

wow thats cool!! thank you

If I buy SP on Steam and switch a steam license to a stadalone license on your site I will be able to use it, downlad etc from your site insted of Steam (even if Steam will be closed next month)? It will be just like I bought SP on your site?
p.s. Sorry if I made mistakes, english is not my primary language.