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I currently investigate if it possible to have sbsar files and export textures with a given preset?

What I currently trying to achive is following:

  • Get sbsar, own or external
  • Open Substance Player modify parameters
  • Store parameters in preset files besides the archive (could be multiple presets for different styles)
  • Have a command line batch tool which loads the sbsar with specific preset, export with specific texture size into custom folder

Is this currently possible?

I'm open for all ideas :).

Kind regards


Ok solved the problem by myself.

I created a small tool which does all of the magic for me. Its can now "import" sbsar files into my game and generate my needed texture sets with presets. It creates also batch files for texture regeneration. So yeah, if anyone want to know some more details let please know.

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I'm really interest to know how you did this. I'm trying to do the same, but unfortunately I did not found the way with the automation toolkit.( I'm not really good with command line )

So yes I'd like to batch/export presets stored in a preset file ( done in Substance player ) and so export all these preset as TGA.
Doing it one by one can be very long, I have almost 50 variations to create.

All the help are welcome thanks.

I wants more more details, can share to me, thank.