Author Topic: Unknown property: "reference" in SubAnim:Map__21____Substance2  (Read 765 times)

Hi all, I've been running into a problem, hopefully someone else knows what I'm talking about.

When making a material, I load the Substance file and it comes in fine to the Substance2 map. Then I click Substance > Substance to Arnold, and I get an error which says

Unknown property: "reference" in SubAnim:Map__21____Substance2

I was actually able to create one material, but now it does this even with that material source, and I can't create any new ones. Thanks in advance for your help, couldn't find any existing thread. Unrelated, but as a new customer I find it a bit off putting that paying customers need to rely on forum posts for any tech help at all, I tried emailing but they turned me away. Strange.

Thanks again!

Hi...having the same issue in Max 2018.

Did you find a solution?


I'm having the same problem in Max 2019

-- Unknown property: "reference" in SubAnim:Map__2138626081___CoronaTriplanar
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I can't use substance to Corona (3ds max 2018)

Delete the wrong material editor viewport, create a new material editor viewport, convert again, no error will be reported!