Author Topic: Can you link fill or standard layer's transforms to a mask's transforms?  (Read 1443 times)

Photoshop has the ability that's actually default that links the color layer data with any masks that you would apply.  Anytime you use the transform tools like move, scale, or rotate, the mask moves with it.

I have cards that will be used in layers for parallax that need cutout opacity, I want to do this in Substance, but currently I have to load 2 textures for each element, one for color and one for an alpha.  Any uv transforms that I do like scale, offset, or rotation values have to be manually copied over to the mask's tiling layer which is very tedious and unrealistic for the number of cards I need to work through, and god forbid I have to make tweaks, then I have to do it all over again.  Is there a way to link these?

I tried creating an opacity channel and stenciling the color info and then adding the alpha to the opacity layer, which works, but the stencil does not respect the image proportions, it wants to square it and that's no bueno for my needs.  Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers.

Disregard... I just set up the fill layer like I did the stencil and plugged the alpha into the opacity channel... derp... problem solved, long day.