Author Topic: Non-Square UV Layouts  (Read 1131 times)


I just saw how little this issue has been brought up before. Surely we've all heard of textures that aren't square (like 2048x1024, 1024x512 etc). Painter seems to lack any tools to work in these ratios in the UV layout or through filters. Using a blur filter for example will blur things equally in both directions, if your UVs aren't supposed to be square, the blurring will be stronger in one direction. The same goes for stuff like warping.
On top of this, tri-planar works fine on non-square UVs if you keep the U and V tiling the same, whereas UV projection, U tiling needs to be double of V.
Just a confusing mess really. Most of it can be worked around I guess but there really needs to be more support at least for filters which you have no alternatives or workarounds for.

And here's a very simple one. The resolution of a texture set should at least be labelled which is height and which is width. I can't even remember the amount of times I've had to check which is which.