Author Topic: Several SVG Feature Requests  (Read 2564 times)

Hi there,

after testing the SVG tools more intensively, I reached the conclusion that in their current state they are very limited.
It would be great if they were a bit more mature, as I really would like to avoid jumping to another app just to make simple masks.

I will list here a minimal set of features that I feel are really needed:

Line thickness.
Currently it is always 1px wide. See link
The "Clear Color" command (that makes the fill or the line color invisible) is somewhat buggy on multiple selections: sometimes it doesn't clear all the selected shapes.
Eventually, the stroke thickness should be exposed. See link

Freeze Booleans operations.
Currently there is no way to collapse several shapes into one.

Better transform/snap tools.
Flip along horizontal or vertical position. See link
Constrain the size of the polygon tools during creation.
Snap to axis with SHIFT when using the pen.
Introduce rulers for snapping. See link

Use Antialias
There's currently no support for antialias in SVG. See link

Fix the UNDO
This is probably one of the most important requests for me.
I find very frustrating the way the undo works right now, and I avoid using SVG tools at all just because of this issue.
The undo doesn't restore the previous state, but goes straight back from the first activation of the tool, deleting all of the involved steps to create one or more shapes. I consider it to be a bug.
More informations here

If Vector tools will be implemented not only in Desginer, but in Substance Painter too, please make the two toolsets the same
It would be awesome to have the same tools, that behave exactly the same way, in both applications. Please don't introduce two different workflows.
Same thing applies to the 2D brush (bitmap) tools.

The whole point I use vector graphics in place of bitmaps is the perfect crispness no matter the scaling.

I thought that was the only real reason to use vectors over a bitmap.

As far as I can tell Designer doesn't have this ability which is really the only thing it should be doing.

When useing bitmaps and a bunch of transform nodes in designer - I get nasty edges and artefacts - having proper vectors would remove this issue and allow for much crisper substances, with no artifacts.

Ive tried using the svg node but as far as I can tell it just turns a vector into a bitmap and so has jagged edges instead of the crispness of a vector.

Give us a proper vector node that we can plug into our substances- then we would have actual vectors no need for antialiasing then as it will be mathematically perfect and the edges will have no artefact and be perfectly crisp.