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Hm. This better be good once it comes out. The way we were let to believe, we were going to be part of the beta only to get radio silence ever since, except for all those teasing beta tester posts on Twitter, is beyond frustrating. Next time simply do a closed beta, where you contact your beta testers of choice in private, without letting anybody know you've got something cooking. That way no one gets frustrated. As classy as I think Allegorithmic is handling things in general, I feel you guys dropped the ball this time. Not classy, no sirs. Not classy at all.


yes, I think there was kind of a change with allegorithmic in comparison to a year ago. their communication is lacking, forum is going quieter and updates are less frequent.

I was hoping to get a beta invite, as a day one Painter adopter and SD/B2M user. would have been really usefull to have it - but no. Instead, I switched to Quixel Mixer (at least until Alchemist finally comes out) to have at least some way to mix materials and do this kind of stuff. Maybe I will also look around for the NVIDIA tools for upscaling stuff, because I need to have this, yesterday.

an update to the status of beta would be fine - like how long will it continue to be a closed/private beta? will there be an open beta, as well? is there a release date for v1.0?
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Hi all,

Substance Alchemist is currently in closed beta, and it’s gonna be the case for a bit more time. How long exactly? We don’t know today. We will  make it available to more people as soon as we feel it’s ready for this.
We asked people to register to the beta because the closed beta is made with our users, and we expand it continuously, giving acces to more and more people. This means that if you registered, you may be contacted at one point. We however received thousands of answers, and it’s not ready yet to be distributed to so many people.

The good news is that the development is going well, and we will give access as soon as we can, as we did for other software in the past.
We understand it can be frustrating, we ask you to hold tight a bit longer :)

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hello Nicolas,

thanks a lot fo rthe heads-up! this is the kind of communication, I´d expect from allegorithmic!

Glad to hear, the development goes well! So I hope to get my hands on the beta, soon :)

btw. thanks to allegorithmic for BF Sale (even for upgrades) - was waiting all year for it and more than happy to have an up-to-date Painter experience, now !


I cannot wait for this release! :)
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

The sound of crickets.  Where is Alchemist?  :)   I am still hoping for beta testing, or is all that over?  RTX integration holding things up? :P
matthew grimaldi architect

The beta has started with a small group of users and new beta testers will be added over the next few months.

We are into the new year almost at the end of the month any news is better than dead air...i know your merger/acquisition by adobe has taken away from this communication but it is important to keep your users and fans informed and with the negative feedback from this change maybe now would be a good time for Alchemist to change the texturing game...we all want it and need it!

We want it too!
Not long now until we can open up Alchemist to a lot more people.

cant wait! hopefully, we can buy a license, before adbobe get´s their hands on it... but maybe it´s too late, already :/

cant wait! hopefully, we can buy a license, before adbobe get´s their hands on it... but maybe it´s too late, already :/

I'm sure Adobe got interested in substance products after he saw Alchemist .
So maybe there is mutual work even on beta stage regarding alchemist
I think they already have hands on it , new products is always exciting for buyer
personally I believe in adobe allegorithmic collaboration , they will make amazing products together.

I've recently been playing with the Quixel Mixer Beta. I believe Alchemist and Mixer are trying to achieve something similar... I have to say, after using Mixer I am so psyched to try out Substance Alchemist! I think it might be the next big thing!   :D

I'm wondering if once Alchemist is released if I will be able to use it as part of the same indie subscription I have had for many months and if, like Painter and Designer,  I will be able to get a permanent license after a certain time period like before?

Hi guys
so is there any news?
it was a long time and still no release date ...

Lots of news coming next month, stay tuned.

Can I just say I watched the live stream the other night (GMT) and I was blown away with what this software will be able to do. Look forward to it's release when that happens. Looks like you guys still have a lot of work to do.