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Hi guys!

I just made my first modular wall (yay!), and wanted to reuse that entire graph on another mesh, Pillar, in this case.
Now, the wall is made up of a few different materials I made, blended with the material blend in the end.
Is it possible to then take the entire network here and reuse that on the pillar, with just other maps? I was hoping I could just expose the filepath in the normal input, Ao input etc, but that is greyed out. So, how do I effectively duplicate and reuse graphs?
Kind of like "instancing" a graph, I guess.

Or am I simply going about this the wrong way? Im still not in the SD mindset, I noticed :)

Hi, you're right it's the good way to go, here is the process:
You can duplicate your sbs file and replace the mesh textures by "Color" (or "Grayscale) inputs.
Then, you'll have the possibility to drag n'drop your graph and use it as a filter in another graph (with different textures as input).

1. In your base graph use "space" or right click (as you do to create nodes) and select "Color image input" (or "Grayscale image input"). Replace each mesh texture by this kind of node (don't forget to specify a "label" for each input to know what it is).
Then you have a "filter".
If you need to visualize your graph with an existing texture instead of an "empty" image, you can drag n' drop a texture on the "Color input node" to use it as a preview for your filter.
2. You can now create a new graph (in a new package if you want to), and drag n'drop the previous graph in a new one. You just have to connect the textures in the node inputs.
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Wow, this is even better than what I had imagined!
I am slowly starting to see what all the fuzz is about. This is such a sexy piece of software! :)
Thanks a lot for taking time to help me, Gaetan!

Yes, when you start, there are a lot of things to discover in SD :)
Glad it helps!
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