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Hi everyone, I've recently learned how to use Substance Painter for texturing, and during exporting the textures I was looking for the bump and spec, My colleagues mentioned that Bump is Normal in Substance and Spec is Glossiness/ Reflection? I would just like to confirm if what they say is right because we are required to have the bump and spec for our models in class.


There are several presets depending on your target renderer or engine. What do you use for rendering?

We have recently started learning V Ray and we're also using it for rendering.  ;D

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Then you can use the Vray export preset and that will give you the right textures, and you can indeed use the normal as bump.

That's awesome! Thank you so much for helping me out :)


In your VrayMTL - look for the Vray Normal map - it will allow you to use both the normal and the height for bump.

Can make bumpRoughness like car3?