Author Topic: Importing custom substances and relative paths  (Read 1516 times)

Hi there,

I don't fully understand how paths to substances work.
To make an example, lately I downloaded the RO substances package from here, but when I try to import one of these into one of my graph, they continuously ask to specify the path to some of the default substances that are in the resources folder of Substance Designer.

Now, shouldn't Designer automatically load substances from one of the paths that are specified in the preferences?
Because the way I would like to see it, it's a bit how python works... If I have multiple paths specified, and the imported substance it's not in the same folder as the "root substance", I will start looking into every path, with the latest path overwriting an eventual duplicate in the previous ones.

Hi, you need to place them at the root level of "Substance\Designer\4.x\resources\packages" folder.
It depends of the way they have been created/saved.

We are currently doing some modification to get a better behavior on this side, and avoid this kind of problem in future versions.
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