Author Topic: How to scale substance material in Unreal Studio  (Read 6448 times)

Only just started using the substance plug in for UE4, and need to know how to adjust the scale of the texture in the Unreal Editor please?

I don't see any obvious parameters to adjust in the graph instance of the materials I have downloaded to the project, and the tiling is far too small for the material I have applied to a mesh.  :-[

You could use a Texture Coordinate Node inside Unreal and plug it in all the Maps, or expose a parameter for the scale inside Designer

The first suggestion worked perfectly  :D thanks.
Another thing that you may know - I thought the whole premise of Substance materials is that they negated the horrible image tiling effect? When using the substance source materials within Unreal Studio, there is still tiling visible, even when using random seed. See my attached image of the 'flat stone wall' material produced by Allegorithmic.

Well, the tilling will always be noticeable in a large plain surface, there is no way around it (that I know of), our eyes are pretty good at noticing patterns.
You could break the sense of tilling by placing props here and there, or using different instances of the same material and hiding the transition with structures, props, etc.

Ah i see, it was my (mis)understanding that substance materials could be non-tiling and seamless

 Hi, still within this topic: 

Beyond the use of the UV sizing,  is there a default scale at which substance materials are exported? For instance, by square meter or foot ?  When I insert a material its UV is smaller or bigger by a factor of 100x, I have modified the project units from cm to meters, with no result.  I can fix it with the UV sizing, but all my material previews differ greatly from the final result. What can I do to better approximate the scale of substance materials to my model ?