Author Topic: Resource update failed... wasn't a substance effect. Looking for dev insight.  (Read 1053 times)

Hi folks, I'm working on a substance painter plugin, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on why we can't update generators via JS and if there is a work around?

[Plugin - splat] Exception ResourcesError: Resource update failed. resource://Blahblahblah?version=8c634dc3e2b7d0f73a7abddb96f114c82f046ad7.sbsar wasn't a substance effect and thus can't be replaced by resource://Blahblahblah?version=e4df1f1a8f227b77bd0caea749ee4c91a540fb44.sbsar (:/js/resources.js line 24)

I can manually update the generator via the GUI. Is there an API hook for the same behavior?

Thanks! ;D

After chatting to David on the algorithmic staff I was able to find a work around by wrapping my existing designer graph in a new designer graph based on the "Painter Generator w/ additional maps" template and feeding through the input/output chain.

This new graph can now be updated in Substance Painter using the scripting API as expected.