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I started my sub for substance 13 months ago (when I believe it was on rent to buy).  I don't use substance that often (hardly ever now tbh - since I found most of the features well covered with 3dcoat) but I kept the sub going so I could at least get my license at the 12 month mark for the sub payments I have already put in.  I came to cancel last month and found that the system has changed and now have to pay $49 (plus VAT here in the UK) to keep a perpetual license.  Having read through the changes I see that it's been done to offer the latest version - but that wasn't a big deal for me (again considering I am a light user now).

Whilst I understand you may feel this is a better value system than say that of adobe's in that you do at least offer the perpetual licenses, a large part of the reason I signed up was the value I saw in the original offer, and wouldn't have signed up originally had I known this would happen.  Don't remember being notified about this either.  Also just noticed the stop of numbered versions, great way to mask what versions people are actually paying for!

Anyway paid the $49, so congrats it worked, but feel the changes that have been made to this service have been dealt with in an underhand manner.  Will be steering clear in future.


I'm sorry you feel that way.

We made this change in June 2017, and we communicated quite a lot about it actually:
- we sent several dedicated emails to each users in May and June 2017
- we made a FAQ:
- we put a message in your Allegorithmic account in May 2017 explaining the changes would happen, and what it meant for users with the "old" offer
- we put a special link on the Buy page for new users
- we had a dedicated thread of our most active community channels, such as Discord and the forum

However if you didn't use the software or your Allegorithmic account, or didn't pay attention to the emails, then indeed it's highly possible you missed those notifications.
I just want you to know we didn't want to hide anything, and we tried to communicate as much we could about it for our users.

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Thanks for your response, however...

"However if you didn't use the software or your Allegorithmic account, or didn't pay attention to the emails, then indeed it's highly possible you missed those notifications."

Indeed - pretty much like most people I get bombarded with emails everyday about the latest offers, promos etc from yourselves adobe, autodesk etc.. emails easily get missed because of this.  This should have been an opt-in for existing customers and existing subscription terms should have been honoured.  I've had subscriptions change before for Microsoft Office, Crashplan etc.. and when it's been something substantial as this I have been forced to make a change with accepting new terms to continue or actioning the change on my account.  Neither should I have to search for a problem I didn't know existed in discord, forums or a buy page for "new users"

"- we made a FAQ:" funny - looks like a one page welcome page to me with content well hidden under a link.  "Welcome to Substance" - pretty misleading for existing customers don't you think?

Considering this forum is pretty full with questions about the perpetual license should indicate that this information is not communicated as well as it should have been, and this should have been an opt in option for existing users.  The fact that you were able to make substantial changes to the offer after the fact shows a concerning problem with the subscription model.

Thanks for your feedback. there are indeed ways to make things better and we'll take your feedback in account for the next times (even we have no plan to change for now in case you were wondering :) ).

As Nico mentioned, we tried to over communicate about these changes, and we made anything possible to make it smooth and clear.

Your point is legit, but I just want to make clear that there wasn't any plan to "hide anything", or to trap people.

We indeed regularly receive questions about how the system works (which is totally normal), but it represent a very low amount compared to the size of the community, and way less than with the previous system.

I'm not saying that these questions are not legit and that we shouldn't treat them (we actually do): I'm just explaining that these types of questions have decreased, because (hopefully), the offer is clearer than before.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to share your point of view.