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Hi guys I have a few questions regarding the student license -> upgrade subscription (after graduation offer) -> eventual indie perpetual license path.

My end goal here is to wind up without a subscription and actually owning some software I can use whenever I feel like it (e.g. not maya/photoshop). I would like to test my assumptions here.

I currently have a student license which is due to expire in about 1 month.

If I:
  • take up the 'After graduation offer' by clicking on 'Upgrade Licenses' for $9.95 per month for 12 months totalling  $119.40 which puts me on a subscription for that 12 months where I can use all of the available software and substance source, including 30 asset downloads per month (360 assets total - do I need to download 30 per month or can these accumulate? Say 20 on first month, 40 on the second month).
  • then after 12 months, cancel the subscription and pay out the $49.00

At this point do I now own 'perpetual' licenses (no following subscription fees/use whenever I want)?
What exactly do I own perpetual licenses for? How current is the software at this time (is it current as of the latest release on the last day of the subscription being cancelled)?
  • Painter?
  • Designer?
  • Substance B2M?
  • Various plugins?
  • Automation toolkit?
  • Substance Source assets? - Can I use any remaining credits after I have cancelled subscription and gone perpetual? Can I use downloaded/purchased with credits assets? Can I re-download the assets (in the event my computer crashes)
  • Yet to be released software (software that is released during the next 12 months while on subscription)? E.g. project Alchemist?

I am currently evaluating between allegorithmic, Pilgway and Quixel and trying to make an informed decision, I appreciate your time in answering my (many) questions.

Kind Regards,
Michael Hiatt

After paying the $49, you will own Substance Painter, Substance Designer, B2M, the Automation Toolkit and any other software that was released during the duration of your subscription.
For all these tools, you will have access to the latest build available at the time of the end of your subscription.

Plugins are free so you will have continued access to that as well.

If you have remaining Source downloads, you will be able to spend them after the termination of the sub. You will always be able to re-download and use assets that you've already downloaded during the sub.
(and points carry over from a month to the next, so you don't have to spend 30 every month)

Many thanks Jeremie

Hi again, just a follow up question regarding purchase.
Is it possible to pay the 12 months subscription upfront (and ideally auto-cancel) so I don't forget to cancel at the end of 12 months and continue to go on subscription?

Kind Regards,
Michael Hiatt

Yes, you can choose Annual payment when purchasing the subscription, and then cancel the sub right after to avoid the auto-renewal at the end of the year.