Author Topic: how to edit UV ?  (Read 329 times)

i made mistake when i unwrap uv.

I want to edit / replace the UV.

the problem is, i dont want to restart my work.

Use the menu options:  Edit --> Project Configuration...  and then pick your new/updated mesh.

After you edit the UV (not in Painter), you can re-import the new FBX/OBJ file, and all the painting strokes will be re-applied.

BE AWARE that the strokes applied on the 3D model should be fine, if the actual 3D mesh hasn't moved around.  But if you painted on the 2D window, the strokes go in the same location as before, so if you move the UV map, the strokes will miss your intended target.

Painting you did in the 3D window should be fine.
Painting you did in the 2D window may be problematic.
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