Author Topic: substance2 tex node increases 3ds max file size  (Read 882 times)

i notice substance2 tex node increases 3ds max file size
i load a .sbsar to substance2 tex node and save it
my 3ds max file scene is getting bigger than before

if i load 50--100 .sbsar (even same .sbsar file source) to each substance2 tex nodes
and save it
scene file size is crazy fat and big  .........even it is empty scene

so Is it just a a bug? or Did I do something wrong?

Hey, at some point, the textures have to be generated to be visible in 3dsmax, so it may be this.

Hi @funonfun,
This is neither a bug nor something that you are doing wrong. This is the functionality of the new integration as there are new features and changes to what we save. Max scenes using Substance do not depend on any of the Substance files. (unless you want to reimport a Substance.) The only dependency you would need to share a max scene using Substances is the Substance plugin.

Thank you for the feedback! We will investigate making this optional and adding a setting to control if Substances are saved and loaded from external files or from the Max scene.

Cheers!  :D

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