Author Topic: Opacity Maps Can't Be Generated  (Read 1940 times)

I'm trying to export textures with opacity, and they refuse to export. I've tried a couple of different approaches, but I always get the error message "the map [opacity map] can't be export for [geometry]. The opacity channel is present, and my export shows that Opacity is one of the maps, but it doesn't work.

(opacity view + error message)

(export configuration)

(export set-up)

The texture set shown in your screenshot doesn't seem to be the one causing the issue ("trousers"). Are you sure you have an Opacity channel on this specific texture set?

As sure as I can be with software I'm still learning. It's entirely possible that I missed a step, since this is the first texture I've made with opacity.

Are those screenshots from the Trousers Texture Set? (do you have the trousers texture set selected in the Texture Sets List window?) Channels are independent for each texture set and you'll need to add the Opacity to each texture set manually if you want to export it for each.

Each texture set has the same channels and, so far as I know, the same settings. Is there a tutorial that walks through this? I believe I've got everything set up correctly, but its possible I missed a step.

Is there any way you could send me the project through private message so that I could take a look?

Same problem here, no opacity map at export.
Was there a solution??

Depending on your export the opacity is usually in the base color alpha channel.
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