Author Topic: Transferring Highpoly Texture detail to lowpoly within Substance.  (Read 1576 times)

Hello Community members,

I have modeled a High-poly object and unwrapped the High-poly object, then imported this High-poly object into substance painter and finished texturing.

However, I would like to bring in my low-poly object into substance painter and then transfer the high-poly Texture information to the low-poly. How best I can do it to retain my Metalic, Roughness information??

Hey, just in case you can use Substance Designer to do this (we don't have this baker yet in SP)

Yes, We do have a substance Designer, B2M and Source license as well in our subscription. So yes, I will be able to use Designer. But can you please direct me or guide me through the right steps or the Tutorial?

Here is the entry in the documentation:
And here is a general explanation of how the baking works in Substance Designer: