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I am not all that happy with the Exporter. It is good but has some critical things missing for production exporting imho.

1) Ability to toggle off Channels for export. Sometimes I KNOW i just changed the Difuse. Now I either have to make a duplication of my preset with just the diffuse or waste time exporting everything again using the full preset. I should just be able to select which channels to export with the current preset

2) $project variable is not that great because it is tied to the filename. So you end up with MyProject_v003_final in the file name :) I think there should be a new variable $project_description added, with the project description being a field directly in the main exporter window (decoupled from presets).

3) I should be able to change export resolutions for multiple texturesets at once

4) there should be an additional export mode 'only modified'. Why can't Substance mark Texturesets and channels as 'Exported' and once a change is made in the layerstack mark it as 'dirty', so the exporter knows that that Textureset needs to be exported while another one doesn't ?

5) Why does the Exporter insist on resetting to default values (preset, file format) on every project ? Surely that can be saved in some ini file 'last used'.

6) Coudln't you by default populate the export path with the source location of the geometry or something ? At least this way we would already be SOMEWHERE on the server. We have quite complex, nested dir structures. Less browsing if I am already at least in the models dir of the asset I am working on

7) Speaking of browsing. This is not limited to just the exporter but also to any file dialog in painter. Please unlock the Top Path Bar and make it editable, so we can just past a path to a directory in there. Think Windows Explorer Path bar, which is also editable. Again .. massively complex server side directory structures that take some time to navigate.

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Hey, I'm sharing your feedback with the team.

Thanks for the feedback, most of these we are aware of and plan on improving.
For 7) it's already editable in Windows, but we may have to do something specific on Linux to unlock the path field as well, we'll look into it.
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Those are some good tips. I would also add the following:

Ability to override the preset for each Texture Set. Many times, sets need to be exported with different packing configurations, which currently requires enabling / disabling of materials and re-assignment of the global preset, which is quite cumbersome.

I was just going over these request again, for:

 5) Why does the Exporter insist on resetting to default values (preset, file format) on every project ? Surely that can be saved in some ini file 'last used'.

Export settings are stored in the template used when creating the project. That being said, we could remember the last export settings used if no template is selected.

I didn't realize export preset assignments were stored in scene templates too. That's rad. Time to update my templates  ;)