Author Topic: Re-import mesh without losing work???  (Read 1023 times)


Currently got an issue where originally, I had imported a mesh in the OBJ format and forgot to export with triangles only.  So now, I've identified a few quads where the triangle split is mismatched between SP and Max, leading to obviously bad normals, and I want to re-import the mesh with the triangles exported.

It seems that simply changing out the mesh in the Project Configuration dialog isn't working.  The mesh is imported, but it loses all of the work that was put into it.  It seems SP has taken the liberty of creating a new "Texture Set" for this, but doesn't let me use the old one instead.


I don't have the application in front of me but I think if you click the button at the top right of the texture set palette you can drag and drop your texture sets around as well as delete them from there. You should be able to drag and drop the texture set you want to your model.

Yes, this happens because you changed the name of the material applied to the mesh. In your texture sets list window, click on Settings and Reassign Texture Sets, you'll be able to remap the old stack on the new material name.

Oh awesome!  That was painless. :)