Author Topic: susbtance integration for redshift 3ds max  (Read 1462 times)


I was wondering how the substance integration for redshift in 3ds max was going? Just wanted to get and idea of when we could expect something. I am talking about using the sbsars in 3ds max not about the exporting from painter.


Anyone have any idea? Anyone from Allegorithmic wanna chime in? Does it work with redshift for Maya? I am doing pre production for a project and would be handy to have this info.


Hello @ratelectric86,
We are currently working on additional third-party renderer support for the plugin including Redshift. This can currently be expected with the 1.1 or 1.2 release of the plugin. We don't have an exact timeframe for when these versions will be ready for release.

The most recent version of the Substance plugin in Maya does work with the recent versions of Redshift. Our documentation does not currently reflect and will be updated in the near future.  :D

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