Author Topic: 8K Export Issue  (Read 1152 times)

I exported an 8K texture and found an issue with the diffuse/albedo map.  On the left is the 8k export, and on the right is the 4k export. 

I have a black fill layer with a square mask for the black background.  When I export the 8k size, the mask doesn't export correctly, but with 4k it does.

Hi, is there any way you could share the project with us? Also could you attach a log file after export? thanks!

I can, it's large so I'll have to dropbox it or something.  How do I save the log file?

Could you let me know what email to send the link to?

You an save the log file through the Help menu.
Could you send the link to me via private message on the forum?


I've been able to reproduce the issue on my side, we will follow up and try to see what is causing that.