Author Topic: Ability to Pass Variables Between Iterations in the FX-Map Node  (Read 1107 times)

It would be great to get the ability to pass values between iterations in the FX-map node. And / Or to get the ability to dynamically loop Pixel Processor nodes. I am trying to make a line that can grow and branch.  I tried both the pixel Processor and the FX-map nodes.

The Pixel Processor was able to make a line grow but it required a fixed amount of nodes to be strung together.


(This is the Pixel Processor repeated 50 times with the Seed value changed every 5)

The FX-Map was able to dynamically change the amount of iterations, but was unable to use information from previous iterations.  I use this graph on the Pattern Offset on a Quadrant node.


This function graph is what it could look like if we were able to pass a value along iterations. In this case the variable is named 'newPos' and is being added into the movement amount, and set to 0,0 on the first iteration.  (This will cause an infinite loop)

If someone knows of a clever way around this problem I would love to hear it.  But most of the posts I've read have said you just can't do this yet.

Thanks!   ^_^