Author Topic: In the future, Substance Designer:  (Read 1137 times)

  • Will be 3D. You'll be able to procedurally generate (using signed distance fields*) or reference and rasterize 3D meshes.
  • Most nodes (where it makes sense) will take a 3D position input and fall back to 2D if one is not supplied.
  • There will be a loop node, with a beginning and end. All nodes will have access to an $iteration variable in their function graphs.
  • The in-editor SVG design experience will be closer to a simplified inkscape.
  • There will be better SVG support for things like repeating a pattern along a stroke, anti-aliasing, etc.
  • Most nodes will be material based, so you can feed for example the Tile Sampler with an entire material rather than a single input. I don't expect this to magically work with Normal Maps.
  • It will support and generated multi-channel distance fields for hard angles**.

*For more on modelling with signed distance fields, see: