Author Topic: Render using ART renderer in 3ds Max?  (Read 5867 times)

Is it possible to use the substance plugin for 3ds max to create materials in the slate editor, and render using the built in ART render engine?
I can't seem to apply the substance material to the object in the max scene. I also cannot find ANY documentation regarding the use of ART renderer with the substance material in max.

I don't use the plug in but yes - you can use any renderer with the correct maps exported from SP. The ART render does best with the physical material in max - export your maps using any of the presets that use metal/roughness - like PBR Metal/Rough. In Max create a physical material and hook the maps up to the corresponding nodes - base color, metal, roughtness, etc...

Note that for best results  - in getting it to look as it does in SP - you will need to create an HDRI enviroment in Max.


Good to know that it will work, thanks.

Its just a shame that you cannot simply use the import substance material straight away, as you can do with say Arnold or V-ray.

Can I ask, what is your ideal pipeline for texturing assets etc? I'm fairly new to substance in general and am trying to gain some insight.
My actual interst is archivz....... Revit > 3ds Max, and then possibly even into UE for real-time (once I get the PBR texturing down to a T). Autodesk materials are not suported in UE so I am finding out how else to tackle texturing.

Can I ask, what is your ideal pipeline for texturing assets etc? I'm fairly new to substance in general and am trying to gain some insight.

My pipeline is very simple as I'm an artist as a hobby - I only deal with high poly meshes. I model in Max or Zbrush, I unwrap in UV Layout, then export that FBX file to Painter where I texture the models. Then back to Max to render in either Vray, ART or Arnold.

If you are not already, I would suggest joining the forum - it's more industry based and there's a lot of good pipeline info always going on there.


I see, you must have a little bit of spare money to be using zbrush and vray!

I'll be sure to join the polycount forum, thanks.

I don't suppose you could take a look at the below images to see if you can shed some light on linking the relevant nodes? I'm trying what you said - importing a substance material through the 3ds max plug in, then creating a physical material and linking the corresponding nodes together, for rendering using ART. The exported maps that are within the substance material are: base colour, normal, roughness, metallic & height.
Unfortunately, with me being new to this, I'm not 100% on which nodes go where  :-[ and the result is that the box object only shows the diffuse colour map when rendering. The substance material is a standard 'raw concrete panels' mat from substance source. The maps seem to show in the viewport, but not in the rendering output.
I realise this is probably something highly simple, but I have not yet tried it before.

Hey there,

On the road so just quickly and from memory (will take closer look later)  - Base color is fine, Change roughness to "diffuse roughness" - for the normal - I don't use the plugin so not sure if this will work but double click on the "normal" node and look in general for "Normal Bump" - then you can use both your normal and height together.

Maybe someone who's more familiar with the plugin can provide more info as well.