Author Topic: Still no basic multi-touch support?  (Read 939 times)

I was excited to see the new update and even more happy that I was still eligible to receive the update (as I cancelled my subscription and converted to a licence recently).

But disillusionment came quickly after I installed it to my touch-laptop with digiziter pen. No multitouch at all. Not even the most basic gesture like zooming with two fingers. And further more, no support for middle or right button of my pen. Those do nothing. :(

I was really hoping for exactly this kind of update with tablets and touchscreens in mind. Now I must say I'm very disappointed and I doubt I will invest another ~300€ at some point just for the implementation of basic gestures. I got "20€ paint software" that supports all of this since years.

May it be that I'm doing something wrong here? Is there some kind of tablet mode I need to activate?

Touch is not supported yet, but your pen should work fine. Could you attach a log file please?

Its not just Painter that doesn't support touch, its many other applications as well. I purchased the Cintiq and paid extra for the touch capabilities but quickly discovered the lack of support for it. Some developers take advantage of it to some degree but just not enough to justify the added cost. So I simply disabled it and haven't turned it on in a couple of years. :(