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Hi, I'm wanting to save a bunch of presets of the graph state (or part of the graph state) and then send those different preset states to different output nodes. Im not sure how to go about achieving this result and help would be great.

I have made a simple example of what im trying to achieve
Attached as an .sbs file for you to have a look at
as well as a screenshot for quick reference.

So this graph has presets which change the colour of the foreground and currently outputs the Current colour to all 3 output nodes - What I actually want to do is output a different colour preset to each output node, so then I would get 3 different colour maps (in this case red, green and blue respectively).

Like I say this is a simple example to illustrate the issue I have. My actual use for it; I am wanting to set it up to output a hundred or so variations (not just colour)

I managed to come up with a way to get it done a few weeks back and just didn't have any time to make a post about it.

So for anyone else who might need the same functionality...

I did manage to get it working using presets but it was very unstable, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, so I eventually scraped that method because I need it to work properly everytime and not cause any further issues seeing as in my actual work I need to be baking out 100's of maps at once.

The method I found that was most reliable was to create a secondary graph for outputting maps and instance the material graph in that secondary graph with the exposed parameters on each material instance set independently of each other to allow the outputting of several variations from a single material without having to tweak settings everytime. (essential a method of making presets without using the inbuilt preset function that for me didn't work very well)

So feel free to download the attached which is a small sample substance file which you can see the method I describe in action- which should clear up any misunderstandings.
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