Author Topic: Substance Painter to Vray4C4D proper way to set it up?  (Read 960 times)


Im using C4D R19 Studio with  Vray4C4D 3.6 .  I have two materials I can use a Standard Mtl and Advanced Material which I prefer myself.

I use the preset Vray to get the texture out, and followed the Maya setup.

Diffuse = Diffuse colour
Reflection= Spec Colour
Glossyness = Reflection Glossyness
IOR = Fresnel IOR (specular layer transparency)
Normal = Normal
Height = Bump

It seems that this also works for Vray4c4d, but iv been told who is significantly more knowledgeable in Vray than me that my set up is wrong yet the suggested set up does not work and looks completely wrong.  Can someone  please tell me if there is a right way to set this up?  The discrepancy is all in the IOR map, if it should be used at all, and that a map is said to be used within 90 degree slot.

Thanks, Dan
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