Author Topic: State of Win 10 Creators Update -> Tablet -> Pen ?  (Read 998 times)


I tried using 3D-Coat with pen input on my Tablet (Vaio Z Canvas with Win 10 Creators Update).

It was a mixed experience:

In Tablet Mode:
Strokes work but Zoom and Pan do not.

In WinTab Mode:
Zoom and Pan works but strokes only if pen button is pressed at the same time.

Investigating the Internet revealed that:
Win 10 Creators Update changed the way how pen input is interpreted. As a result there are a lot of complaints that pen devices are now crippled in their use for art work. I tried with Clip Studio Paint and got issues there as well.

The conclusion is mainly that one has to revert Windows to a state before Creators Update. The anounced new spring creators update seems to make it even worse according to the first online feedback.

Is Substance Painter affected by this as well?

Does somebody know if the Creator Update issues are also relevant for Wacom devices (especially the new Wacom Cintiq Pro)?

We are not aware of any specific issue having to do with a Windows update, but I'd recommend trying out with the trial to make sure it works fine on your device.

I'll test it.

By the way. If searching in Google for "windows 10 creators update pen scrolling issue" you get a lot of hits. Most of them start with "I cannot select text with pen anymore" and then evolve into general discussion about how the creators update has changed the low level behavior of Windows pen API.