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In SD 2018 we can do baking with UDIMS, but I don't know how to deal with them in the New graph, or how to export as a bitmap all the UDIMS.
Someone can help with that issue, please?

Thank you very much! :)

Hi JuankiPanki!

Have you figured out how to export udims by now?

Designer is baking the udims... but then... I am lost.
For me, even the $(udim) variable in the export dialog doesnt work... and the uv tile selection doesnt show up in this dialog either.

And the designer documentation doesn't spit out any information about udims either.

The version i am using is 2018.1.1 linux

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Figured it out.

Then you can export outputs in the batch tab and all is good to go...
Haven't found anything in the documentation about it... but maybe i am blind


I spent a large part of my day at work yesterday figuring this out.  There doesn't appear to be any documentation, and a bunch of it is hidden in a gif in another forum post.

For people struggling with the same thing, here's a really basic run through:

1.  If you've baked UDIMs, presumably you imported a mesh with UDIMs correctly.  Obj seemed to work for me, fbx did not - at least with my meshes yesterday.

2.  As the post above states, you need to right click on the material (the line underneath your mesh), and choose 'assign substance to all UV tiles'. 

3.  A 'clone' of your chosen graph will appear in a new line.  Double click to load the clone.
NOTE:  You can edit either the original OR the clone, but only the clone will show UDIM tiles.

4.  You will see a drop down menu appear in the far right of the top toolbar, allowing you to select a UDIM tile
NOTE: I didn't see it at first, because the toolbar wasn't wide enough.  Make sure it's not hidden!

5. If you choose 'export outputs', you'll see the 'from graph' option selected by default.  Even if you add the $(udim) variable, it won't export all your tiles

6.  Choose 'batch' mode instead, and you'll see a list of UV tiles to export.  This tab doesn't remember the 'Destination' path from the 'from graph' tab, so you might need to check this. 

Hope the images help

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That's a nice run down of it Alex. Thanks