Author Topic: Source Materials Failed to save in UE4  (Read 1744 times)

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the support,

I'm facing some issues when trying to save some of the free source materials ,for instance " RoofAsphaltShingleTiles "
it says fail to save base color .

another issue with ambient occlusion of some materials it says you don't have permmision to edit except in current session .

Note : those materials are the 112 free pack that comes with unreal studio.

See errors messages i'm having down below in pictures attached  .

Base color can't save

Ambient occlusion permission message on download time from substance plugin .

Sorry , i managed to solve it , the isuue was that the name of the folder containing the substance was too long with a long " filepath " also ,

i remember the long filepath was also the cause of another issue for me ,but why the long filepath is an issue all i did is that i named the folder similar to the substance name in source library  "RoofAsphaltShingleTiles" .

Thank you.
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