Author Topic: SBSRENDER --set-value and Input Parameters  (Read 2938 times)

I'm trying to drive the baseColor of a material using the --set-value flag and not having any luck.

The material has an Input Parameter (type Float 3) which changes the baseColor of the material. (see attached image)
I'm currently using
Code: [Select]
--set-value '$leather_color@100,150,50' and it doesn't appear to be working, although
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'$outputsize@11,11' seems to work fine.

I've tried a few different variations of the formatting and had no luck with that, online searches for --set-value come up empty as well.
Can you provide the correct usage of this flag for input parameters? Thanks.

I've also confirmed that the parameter works correctly in both Designer and Painter.
Not getting any errors or warnings when using --verbose either.

Hi NevTD,

The '$' must be used only for predefined variables (such as $outputsize), but for a user defined parameter you must omit it.
And the color is a float parameter, so you should put values in float in the range [0,1].
This should work by instance:
-set-value 'leather_color@0.3,0.5,0.2'


Awesome, that worked.
Would love to see this documented as well.

Thanks Rosalie.