Author Topic: Mac Book Air and Substance Painter 2018  (Read 3932 times)

I can't use this. Open Substance Painter, Load a simple cube .obj, select a brush with height info, BOOM! freeze crash, no log. Have to force quit to get out.

Mac Book Air 6,1/1.7 Ghz / intel i7, 8 Gb RAM / OSX10.12.6 / Intel HD Graphics 5000 / Substance Painter 2018.1.0

Any ideas?

Downgraded to 2017.4.0 and it works. Would love to use the new version but I can't

It's a known regression with Intel integrated GPUs. A fix should be released in a new version very soon.

Could you please try with the newly released 2018.1.1 version and let us know if it works again?

Will do. Also It also crashes in 2017.4 when I try to paint on  layer above a fill layer. Here's the crash report

Tried 2018.1.1 Same problem. Submitted a bug report.

On Windows the Intel GPU regression has been fixed.

Do we know when it might be fixed on the Mac side? As of right now I can't use Substance Painter, thanks.

Hi, I'm at a point in my project where I need to use Substance Painter to texture some things. I can't. It doesn't work on my Mac Book Air. Now I don't expect it to be great on this computer, however it does meet your minimum specs and I expect it to work. Instead it crashes every time I try to use a brush with height information on it. If we can't get this fixed I need to know so that I can go elsewhere to finish my project. Thank you

OK, this is getting to be a real problem. I've now tried to use Substance Painter on 3 different computers. None them work. I just tried my Mac Pro and although it opens I go to paint and nothing happens. N o stroke shows up and I can't even quit the program.

On this MacPro, it is expected that Painter would not work: the GPU is almost 10 years old and way below the minimum specs.
Could you attach a log file from your MacBook Air?

Upgrade that RAM while you're at it ;)


I also sent a log/crash file to you after it crashed again today, thanks.

A 1.5GB video card is really minimal.

Even if you can get Painter to run, it's time to start shopping.  Generally speaking, a 4GB video card is a more viable starting point for "content creation."  Obviously VRAM is not the only spec, but a "fast" card with insufficient memory is nearly useless once you exceed the available memory.
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