Author Topic: Modo To Substance Painter Workflow  (Read 1713 times)

i have a single mesh that has some parts to paint. mesh has single UV map.

Workflow 1
i can set materials pm modo. it creates multiple texture sets on SP. i have to bake on SP for all texture sets. Also i have to export all texture sets for unity.

Workflow 2
i can set materials pm modo. i can bake Surface ID map on Modo and i can use this on SP. it still exports all modo materials and sp creates texture sets for those materials.

i want to use modo materials as polygon selection sets on SP. i want to export single texture set to modo. how can i do that? i do not want to delete materials and export mesh again after Surface ID baking.
Ufuk Coban
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Simply create 2 identical meshes, one that has the materails ID and one on which a single material is applied, use this one to import into SP and the other one to bake ID maps.

This sounds great, I have the two models... now what? I don't follow how I'm supposed to do that.