Author Topic: No longer able to search for sbs in Substance Source  (Read 1736 times)

Hey Guys.

I absolutely love substance source, and I mainly use it to study materials by downloading the sbs files.
Typically I'd just search sbs in the search bar and it'd show me all the ones with sbs as an option, ignoring all sbsar files, but its no longer possible to search this way, if I try nothing shows up, has the filtering changed? Is it possible to have some sort of extra filter for this?

For example when in any section, there could be a checkbox for sbs only, I'm sure many people use it in a similar way to me.

This is slightly related to the above but, with the exception of scanned materials, is it possible to put up the sbs materials for any of the materials? Especially the stylized more painterly looking ones (an area source doesn't have much of anyway).

Hi DanTsukasa,

The search has been modified, and as an unfortunate consequence it has removed the ability to search by type of file available. Regrettably at the moment there is no other way to do this filtering.

We plan to add back this feature asap, sorry about the trouble this causes you!

Regarding your other point, could you please give me an example of some of those materials for which you'd like the sbs?
PO @ Allegorithmic

Hi Marion.

Sure thing here you are.

These are the stylized ones specifically.
I noticed them largely because a lot of my substance work recently has been stylized, and I noticed its an area that allegorithmic doesn't focus on too much (of course I'm aware its due to time constraints).

  • Castle Wall Mossy Stylized
    CobbleStones Stylized Flat
    Crate Stylized
    Rock Cave Stylized
    Cliff Stylized Mossy
    Rocks and Grass Stylized
    Slate Mossy Stylized

Some other ones that'd be great to have sbs files for.
One or two of them may be using photographic textures though, which may be why the source isn't provided.

Pathway Bricks Lined
Concrete Tiles Corner
Forest Ground with Roots
Forest Grass and Rocks
Icy Ground Snow
Pennsylvania Fiedlstone
Runes Carved
Thick Snow Cover
Snow Thin on Dirt
Snow with Step Marks
Solar Panel
Steps Concrete Mossy
Desert Plateau Cliff
Desert Sand Smooth Cliff
Stone with Sidewalk
Sand Stone Rock
Lava Stone

Hi DanTsukasa,

There are two reasons why the sbs files are not available for these materials:
There are either procedural materials licenced by, for which we only had the ability to give access to the sbsar (which is the case for the stylized materials you mentionned), or are bitmap based as you had guessed, either produced by RDT or by Allegorithmic.

All the procedural materials from Allegorithmic have the sbs available (Which is the case for "Solar Panel" which you seemed to be looking for).

Hope this helps answer your question!
PO @ Allegorithmic

Hi Marion,

Thanks for the response.

Ah so thats the case, damn, i was really hoping to see the sbs files for those too, but it seems even cgtextures only allows the sbsar files.

On this note then, would it be possible to request a little more focus on stylized materials within substance at all?
I'm not sure the best way to go about asking for more in that general direction.

Thankyou for all your help, you've answered everything quickly, fantastic as always from allegorithmic.