Author Topic: Cracking the Code for SP with Maxwell Render  (Read 1683 times)

Hello All!

I'm new to substance painter and am trying to incorporate it into my workflow with Maxwell Render.  I've already done a search on the forums regarding working with Maxwell and have read all the threads.

My issue is not knowing where to plug in the various maps, I understand Maxwell's material editor.  My issue is the lack of consistency between the two applications at render.  This is especially true when creating distressed metal materials.  I simply cannot get a consistent look throughout the texturing process.  I know Maxwell will render the textures differently, but the difference seems to be greater than that created by the render engine.  I'm assuming I'm doing some wrong in my map selection, or perhaps my texture export.

I'm using the PBR Metal Rough workflow and exporting all maps.  For metal, the closest I've gotten to success is by creating a similar metal as a maxwell material, then adding a new layer above that with all the textures from substance painter and then masking that layer using the metal map.  While this does provide for something usable, it certainly is not the same result that I'm getting in SP.

I've also tried exporting to Photoshop, and then trying to rebuild the texture layer by layer in Maxwell using the various layers and masks contained in the Photoshop files.  I'm going to give this another shot, however, so far I haven't had much success.

I spoke to a very talented CGI artist who uses both programs and he says that he does not use SP for previsualization and simply uses it as an efficient way to construct masks, building the texture entirely within Maxwell.  While this works, it seems to be throwing out a lot of the power of Substance Painter.

Are there any Maxwell users on this board and/or have any of the developers worked with Maxwell Render?  I'd love to finally figure this out for myself and other users of Maxwell Render.


No one here has any interest in this?


Hi Matt...
I do, but I am still trying to figure out how to do it properly myself.
I will keep you updated!

Cheers Carsten