Author Topic: Plans for combining materials on Import?  (Read 912 times)


I've read the sticky about combining materials on export, and why the developers think its a bad idea.

Do the developers have any thoughts about the reverse process - combining materials on import?

e.g. Tire and Hub materials get a single layer stack called Wheel
e.g. Headlight, Taillight, LeftIndicator, RightIndicator get a single layer stack called Lights

Painter already acknowledges the concept - the new tutorials show backing an ID map from a mesh that has a larger number of materials than the main mesh.

Problem is, it's time-consuming to maintain two different copies of the mesh.  Usually while working in Painter I find several things wrong with the mesh or the UVs and have to go back and fix it - so it's annoying to have to recreate both copies of the mesh every time something changes.

What's needed is a way to combine materials without needing two different copies of the mesh.