Author Topic: Inverted normal map when using IRay  (Read 1595 times)

when trying to use IRay to get a better Render of my USP, I came across this wierd issue.
-Parts of the baked normal map seem to be inverted.
-Only occurs on the parts of the object (it looks like its only on the parts that use a certain smart material but when you disable the folder in the project, the wierd behaviour is still there)

-The baked parts are inverted (red), the painted ones (green) not.

-In the Project Configuration the normal map format is set to DirectX.

I already looked up the issue and I read that this is a issue on Nvidia's side, but that statement was from 2017, so I wanted to bring this up once more as its a real issue. Especially because you still can't "Save Render" from the OpenGL Viewport...

I tried out some things and I found out that when I bring my model from Blender over to Maya and do a Normals>Conform there and then export back to Blender and then swap out my mesh in Painter I get the same shading in OpenGL as in IRay.

When you rebake the normal map everything is like it was before (good shading in OpenGL, not so good shading in IRay)

Maybe this helps.