Author Topic: Arrow Keys to Adjust Parameters  (Read 1647 times)

Using the latest update of Substance Painter 2018.1.0 Windows 10 64bit

Have we lost the ability to adjust parameters using the arrow keys? I can no longer click on a value and adjust it with the up down keys, or ctrl+ up / down to adjust in smaller increments.

I think this may have only been available on parameters that had the little edit pencil icon next to the value. This seems to be gone now.

Any ideas?

Hi, I've tryed something with autohotkey:,

just check the github link in the descrition if you are intrested.

Yes! I just signed in to post exactly this! I really, really miss those "nudge" arrows! I will look into that "autohotkey" idea that buliarca posted, but I would really like to see an official solution for this! It is really starting to affect my workflow.

Missing it here also.

Will look at auto hotkey, thanks.