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I created an account yesterday, confirmed it with an email
But when I want to login into my substance share profile I get error Sign-in failed! Please make sure your email and password are correct."
Email and password are correct so I don't know where from this message come from

Mmh. That's strange. Share is using the same identification system as the forum, so since you were able to connect on the forum to post this message, you should be able to connect on Share as well with the same id and password. Are you sure you did not make a typo when entering your password (or had Caps Lock on) ?
PS : we also had a very short downtime of some of our online services yesterday, it is also possible that you have tried connecting just at that moment. Can you please try again ?
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I still can not connect to share :/
Tried many many times but I'm still getting this message about wrong email or password