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I noticed that some people have problems with  buttons for tablet pen (middle swapped with right click)
I have Wacom with actuall drivers. I was force to change shortcut for Substance Painter from alt+right to alt+middle for correct camera manipulation. It isn't perfect solution because I'm working using pen and mouse and I have different manipulation on each device.

Substance Painter 2018.1.0  Build 2128
Wacom Driver 6.3.29-4 (Wacom Cintiq 24HD)

For me even fixing that is not going to correct the pen mapping.

Additional, I tried to change mapping under Wacom driver. I did some experiments to change to opposite right to middle click and nothing was changed in Substance Painter. Still mistaken mapping. This is very annoying while you are working with tablet and pen at same time.Is it there any chance to fix this bug?  :-\
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We are aware of the issue. This will be fixed in 2018.1.1 coming out this week.
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Thank you! Have a nice day.