Author Topic: 2 major issues since switching to 2018.1  (Read 2545 times)

I have been using substance for a couple of years now  and had no issues like the ones happening now in 2018.1
The character scene I am working on is big, it's 9 Udims (to be combined later, due to cage problems it was easier to break out the Udims) and very heavy on materials, most are set to 2k.

Issue 1

Random crashes
When ever I try to paint with a brush after about 3 seconds of a continuous stroke it just crashes, this happens every time.

I have upped my Vram to 18GB and also tried multiple Nvidia drivers for my Titan Black GPU.

Issue 2
Was my stupid fault....

i have also reinstalled SP as well
Attached are the log and dxdiag as well as screenshots of the problem.
I can share the project .spp, but only to Allegorithmic and it would have to be privately as it is a professional project and it's 5.7GB

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Ok, I am a little embarrassed but figured if it saves someone else the trouble I will tell you what it was.
My HDD had only 2GB left on it (I thought  it was enough) and as soon as I cleared some more room it was fixed, obviously Substance Painter needs a fair bit of space to cache strokes when painting.
If I am wrong please tell me but making more room on HDD fixed it.

I guess a good ENHACEMENT REQUEST would be for Painter to handle that situation for gracefully.
An simple "Out of disk space" message would be nice.
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Ok so I take it back, I have had nothing but trouble today, as soon as I paint, in this case added a black mask, added a paint layer and painted a mask and it freezes painter and does not recover, its as though its filled the cache and stopped working.
Thinking of going back a version.
I have had about 4 bug submits on the crash over the last 3 weeks and no response yet.
I am using a 6GB Titan Black GTX and have 24 GB mem on an 8 core I7 processor.
never had trouble until 2018 version.

I have even had to resort to import parts of character to texture instead of the whole thing which I don't like.

Any ideas?

Did you send these reporst with the same email adress as the one you use for your Allegorithmic account?
(FYI we rarely reply directly to crash reports unless we need some specific additional information but it doens't mean we don't go over them and add them to our backlog ;))

Hi Jeremie
Yes I have been submitting these as they happen via the automatic crash  widget.
It is still happening constantly and I have no idea why.
It's worrying me as we teach this in our college and once we start the next semester this is going to get annoying, I would like to get this sorted before that happens next month if possible.
I have broken the project down into smaller chunks and cleaned my drives as well as all the other normal stuff to clean the machine but it really seems as though when ever I paint in 4k it just  closes SP with no warning, it does not even hang, it just goes" I'm outta here" and that's  that.
The logs above have not changed, its the same issue on the same machine.
Is there a way to watch the cache that stores the strokes when painting to see what is happening?

After these sudden crashes, when you restart Substance Painter, did you get a crash report window? And if so did you send one?


Yes most times I have

Hi Richard, could you try reverting your Nvidia drivers to a 388.xx version? Some users who were still experiencing crashes with the latest drivers were able to solve their issues by reverting.